The IC module TRX_120_001 is a compact 120 GHz radar transceiver in the 120-GHz ISM band between 122.0 and 123.0 GHz. This radar front end is characterized by a high measurement resolution. It comprises a separate signal line and interface for both, the transmitter and the receiver branch.

The radar MMIC TRX_120_001 deploys a hybrid integrated patch antenna concept to support the directivity of the radar beam. The bare die itself can also be combined with an individual antenna solution at customer side. Please also see our monolithically integrated MMIC radar TRA_120_002.


The radar chips provide measurement signals for distance and speed measurement for objects as an analogue signal. Including a subsequent external signal evaluation at customer side possible applications are the investigation of a material surfaces, the measurement of layer thicknesses and other properties of the measurement objects. The main application area of the 120-GHz transceiver radar front end is for short-range radar systems with an operation range of up to 10 meters. By using dielectric lenses or mirrors, the range can be increased beyond 100 metres.

No handling of high frequencies on PCB

In the radar front end, the high-frequency radar signal is already converted to a smaller frequency in the IC. It is output as an analogue signal with a frequency of max. 2 GHz. This allows for routing and signal processing of all signals on cost-efficient PCBs. It can therefore be implemented on standard FR4 boards and combined with other IC components for control loops, for voltage stabilization, frequency modulation and AD conversion.

The antenna substrate used in our TRX_120_001 is discontinued
If you look for a replacement of TRX_120_001, please look at TRX_120_067.
If you have further questions about a replacement product, please contact us.

Product Details

TRX 120_001
Article NumberTRX_120_001
Frequency120 GHz
Frequency Range


119.3 GHz / 125.8 GHz
Operation ModeFMCW / CW
Single Supply Voltage3.3 V
Current Consumption112 mA
PackageQFN 56: 8 x 8 mm²
Evaluation Boards / KitsEVALKIT SiRad Easy® r4

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