SENSOR DESIGN – Comprehensive Development of Millimeter Wave Sensors

Whether you need a radar sensor tailored to your measurements or need to replace ultrasonic sensors and laser sensors – the development of a new sensor is always a highly complex task. This is especially true if you need miniaturized sensors or sensors for particularly difficult conditions.

Process of Sensor Design

We can design your radar sensors from scratch or assist you in your sensor development projects. We offer all the necessary services and tools to develop adjusted or new measuring methods with radar:

  • Consultancy
  • Specification
  • System Planning
  • Circuit design
  • RF board design
  • Antenna design and antenna simulation

In the development of circuits, radio frequency boards and antennas, computer simulations will be used in the first design phase. In later development phases, prototypes will be created to verify the simulation results. At this stage, we also begin to develop algorithms for signal evaluation. In addition, we can accompany you to the finished series product with our certified partner companies. We do the production planning, production introduction including assembly and system tests as well as the supervision of series production.

Sensor Design

Standard Radar Front End or ASIC

Many problems are solved using our standard radar front ends. Here we can rely on ICs with a variety of features that our developers have already integrated into many sensors. You benefit from our in-depth knowledge of Front Ends and our wealth of design capabilities around these Front Ends. This gives us the opportunity to respond flexibly and creatively to new questions.

There is a special potential if we start with the development of the Radar Front End. Our ASIC design is the perfect basis for highly specialized sensors. Already during the development of the MMICs Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits), the application area, sensor layout and data evaluation are considered and optimized in coordination with each other.

Whichever path you choose, with our team of RF system designers, PCB designers, antenna designers, and highly specialized embedded programmers, we’ll show you how to turn your requirements into a radar sensor.

Sensor Design

Sensor Development for the Industry

  • Market-oriented development – timely and cost-effective
  • Experienced team of highly specialized staff from different fields
  • State of the art tools and technologies for simulation and design
  • Network of solution partners for development, production and testing
  • ASIC design possible

Examples of Sensors we Develop

  • Level gauge sensors
  • Speed and distance control for robotics
  • Vibration measurement
  • Mine exploration
  • Door release buzzers
  • Security systems
  • Traffic flow monitoring and traffic management systems
  • Monitoring of vital signs like respiration or pulse