EVALKITS – Your entry into radar! Quick and easy to use.

EVALKITS SiRad Easy®r4, SiRad Easy®,
SiRad Simple® and MIMO

From 24 GHz to 120 GHz

Our radar evaluation systems guarantee that you will become familiar with modern radar technology in no time at all. We call these plug-and-play systems EvalKit SiRad Easy® r4 , SiRad Easy® and EvalKit SiRad Simple®. They will accompany you from the first steps to the implementation of complex radar systems with components from indie Semiconductor. Using this professional radar development tool you can significantly reduce the time-to-market for your products.

As a user in research and teaching, you will receive a practical radar evaluation systems that offers you a quick and clear way to vary all the essential parameters of a radar sensor using a graphical interface and to learn about its effects.

The EvalKit SiRad Simple® focuses on our 120 GHz chip TRX_120_001, which is permanently installed in the kit. More flexibility is provided by the EvalKit SiRad Easy® and the EvalKit SiRad Easy® r4, for which various front ends are available.

Choose the right performance for your needs!

Evaluation Boards

EVALKIT SiRad Easy® r4 – Our New Standard on Evaluation Boards

EVALKIT SiRad Easy® r4

Compact Size – Exchangeable Front Ends

SiRad Easy® r4 is an advanced and comprehensive system to evaluate our radar front ends. It is the successor of the SiRad Easy® featuring improved processor power and new connectivity in a smaller form factor. In combination with the included software it provides you with a functional radar system including a large range of functions – well beyond what you find in a simple test board.


The hardware is designed as a modular system with 4 layers:

Layer 1 and core component is a base board with microcontroller that includes baseband processing, AD conversion and output to USB and other interfaces. The power supply via USB also takes place here.

Layer 2 are the radar front end boards which are plugged onto this base board – one at a time. These are available in different versions that include different radar chips. Usually the radar front end boards also include the antennas, depending on the version in the radar chip or as a patch antenna on the board.

Layer 3 are beam shaping elements (lenses or reflectors) which come with some boards. They can be used to narrow the beam and increase range.

Layer 4 is the optional break out board. It offers extended connection options, e.g. to 2 x 15 pin headers of 2.54 mm each.

All modules of the SiRad Easy® r4 can be purchased separately. In addition, we offer two bundles (see “Scope of Delivery”).


With the base board a user interface for parameterization under Microsoft Windows® is delivered. It will display the effects of your modifications on the object recognition graphically in real time. So settings can be change on the running system and you can track changes immediately.

An integration in your own or third-party software environment is also possible. The SiRad Easy® r4 firmware provides several data output modes: radar front end digitized raw data (I and Q channels), FFT data, object recognition detector, and a list of possible detected objects.


  • Flexible modular system
  • Components separately available
    (see Accessory List)
  • Browser-based GUI
  • Programmable FMCW parameters
  • USB communication with PC
  • Embedded software for radar signal processing
  • Including target recognition
  • Small foot print down to 40 x 40 mm²

Scope of Delivery of StarterKit

  • Reflector to narrow beam and extend range
  • Radar front end board with TRA_120_002 @ 120 Ghz
  • Base board with microcontroller
  • USB cable
  • Download link for software and documentation

The Starter Kit is a good beginning for your research. You can expand it later with additional components.

Scope of Delivery of EvalKit

  • All components from StarterKit (see above)
  • Radar front end board with TRX_024_046 @ 24 GHz
  • Breakout board

EVALKIT SiRad MIMO r2 – Evaluation Board for Various MIMO Chips


Multi Input Multi Output Evaluation Board

Your entry into the development of 2D radar applications. The EvalKit r2 for MIMO (Multi Input Multi Output) provides a sophisticated and modular development platform for your 2D positioning, range and velocity measurement applications. It provides a complete MIMO design environment with exchangeable baseband boards. Based on an embedded system, you get a plug-and-play MIMO radar with many features for real-world testing. The software package for your PC is included – an easy and cost-effective way to evaluate your ideas and reduce development time.


The SiRad MIMO r2 Evaluation Kit is a modular system. It consists of a base band board and interchangeable radar front end boards (RFE boards). The RFE boards contain a indie Semiconductor MIMO chip, its antennas and a microcontroller to control the front end. RFE boards with different frequency and channel configurations are planned along with the release of SR MIMO chip products.
The RFE board digitizes and processes the data from the radar chip. It also provides USB and Ethernet connectors for attaching the MIMO evaluation boards to your PC. Power is supplied via USB.
The current standard evaluation system contains a 24 GHz MIMO front end. Further frontends will be available in the future.


The software provides the user with several ways to visualize and adjust the radar data using a standalone GUI. You can easily change system parameters and immediately see the results in the GUI. Another option is to make use of the comprehensive description of the communication protocol. This enables you to program your own DSP.
You may implement our free API used in the EvalKit in your products to output raw data using the same protocol as the EvalKit. You can simply program your own MIMO DSP or use our ready available software modules – please ask for the license terms.


  • Standalone GUI
  • Communication to PC via Ethernet and USB
  • Embedded software for radar signal processing
  • Target recognition
  • Center Frequency: 24 GHz
  • Selectable bandwidth: up to 3 GHz

Scope of delivery

1 x EvalKit including :

  • 1 x baseband board with 100 Mbit/s Ethernet
  • 1 x exchangeable 24 GHz MIMO radar front end board
    including T2R4_024_020 radar chip
  • Software installation package

New Front Ends Coming

  • 60 GHz MIMO radar front end T4R4_060x