The TRA_120_045 is the wide band version of our proven radar front end TRA_120_002. It has >20 GHz band width around the 120 GHz ISM band and antennas are already included in its package.

The TRA_120_045 operates from 113.9 GHz to 134.1 GHz and thus has a very high band width. This enables measurements with a resolution of less than 1 mm. Despite these outstanding values of the MMIC, it is only 5 x 5 mm² in size and comes in a standard QFN32 package. The antennas for the RX and TX channel are designed as dipoles directly on the chip. The highly integrated construction results in the small form factor and particularly low losses on the signal path.


Basically, this radar chip provides information for speed and distance measurement. These are output as analog signals. Due to the high band width especially highly sensitive applications can be raised to a new level. The result is improved resolution, which makes it possible to find the smallest impurities in material testing, to scan surfaces with increased precision or to position tools more accurately. Even the detection of vital signs (heartbeat, respiration) can benefit from the high bandwidth and lead to more reliable results.

The general working distance of the TRA_120_045 is up to 5m. When combined with dielectric lenses, this can be increased to 100 m, depending on the application.

No handling of high frequencies on PCB

Already within the wide band chip the high frequency signal is converted into a lower frequency. Routing and signal processing can be done on low-cost FR4 boards because an analog signal with max. 2 GHz is output. This allows the TRA_120_045 to be easily integrated with other components for voltage control or signal processing on a single PCB.

Product Details

Article NumberTRA_120_045
Frequency120 GHz
Frequency Range


113.9 GHz / 134.1 GHz
Operation ModeFMCW / CW
Single Supply Voltage3.3 V
Current Consumption166 mA
PackageQFN 32: 5 x 5 mm²
Evaluation Boards / KitsEVALKIT SiRad Easy® r4

Bare Die

These chips are also available as bare die when bought in large quantities.
For more information please contact our sales department.

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