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A Growing Community

The development of highly specialized and cost-efficient radar sensors requires a sophisticated development process and optimal conditions in hardware and software. Our radar front ends provide you with the technical basis, our solution partners bring you experience and know-how in radar sensor development. If required, they will accompany your development process from concept to operation maintenance. You will find partners for the implementation of our hardware as well as for the development of your software for radar sensor control and radar signal processing.

We only qualify very experienced companies as development partners. In a thorough review, we ensure that they have in-depth knowledge of the functional safe radar sensor development and implementation of our radar chips. We are in close contact and knowledge exchange with them to ensure the highest level of service to our customers.

A4R – Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar


Advanced Algorithms 4 Radar

A4Radar is a Deep Tech Company that creates innovative solutions, using the newest generation of Radar System on Chip (SoC) ICs for addressing Ultra-Wide Band (UWB) and mmWave applications in different markets.

Our multidisciplinary engineering team, with a unique blend of expertise in Radar Systems, Embedded Real Time Signal Processing, Radiofrequency Design and Industrial Development, is able to provide engineering support from concept to final stages throughout algorithm creation and industrialization of new products, allowing quickly prototyping and a reduced time to market for new radar solutions in different applications. Endless potentiality and multiple vertical applications are now possible for this type of technology, which will bloom in the years to come.


A4Radar applies its technological knowledge to propose low form factor, superior accuracy and robust Radar sensors, addressing the critical challenges that currently constrain mm-Wave success on the market, adding value for our customers and offering innovative and affordable solutions.

Designing and manufacturing our own electronic devices together with the embedded software and algorithms, allows us to offer COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) product, besides customized integrations to fix a challenge or target tailored sensors that meet the highest demands.


  • Smart City Applications
    Urban areas using high precision, Radar Technology and Smart Sensors to collect data to manage assets, resources, and services efficiently for Nextgen Cities.
  • Smart Mobility Applications
    New applications using Radar Sensors to monitor and enhance mobility and traffic flow.
  • Industry 4.0
    Digitalization and interconnection of products, value chains and business models. Digital transformation processes improving efficiency and increasing productivity to optimize management on collaborative value chains.
  • Presence Detection
    Presence, movement and surveillance. Providing anonymous data for IoT smart systems

tecVenture – We develop Embedded Systems


We develop Embedded Systems


…that fascinates anew every day. Meeting this challenge with creative, innovative and outstanding products and concepts is what drives tecVenture.
Founded in Munich in 1993 as a system house for customer-specific development of embedded systems, they have proven their expertise in well over a hundred projects. These projects covered a wide variety of customers and a wide variety of technology areas. TecVenture has continuously deepened and expanded their know-how. Thereby, the implementation of safety-critical applications is a special focus in their portfolio.


TecVenture specializes in turning ideas into a full product development. They guide you through a professional development process. Many starting points are possible: product sketches or a feasibility studies, already existing pre-developments or a legacy product. Depending on the entry into the development process, tecVenture will provide the right process steps to achieve optimal result for your project.


As Solution Partner of indie Semiconductor FFO GmbH and together with other partners in the field of radar technology, tecVenture realizes turnkey product development including implementation and organization of manufacturing! This includes:

  • Main function in electronic hardware
  • Firmware/software design
  • Operating system/operator ergonomics
  • Supply engineering/accumulator technology
  • Mechanics (construction, molds)
  • Housing design
  • Certification

…and much more.

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

One-Stop RF Solutions

TES Electronic Solutions GmbH is an innovative technology and design services company offering intellectual properties (IP), embedded hard- and software for a vast range of customers in global markets, such as in industrial, automotive, consumer electronics, as well as in semiconductors. Key capabilities include embedded software, graphics, RF & antenna, radar, mixed-signal and digital ASIC and FPGA designs.


TES Electronic Solutions is your one-stop-shop for sophisticated RF solutions and everything around it. Our many years of RF technology experience encompasses RF frond-end and antenna solutions, as well as all related digital domain building blocks such as software and connectivity to ensure the output from the radar sensors gets processed and passed on to the cloud, for example.

We offer consulting, design services from proof-of-concepts to turn-key solutions, certification/qualification, testing, sourcing and mass production to global markets. Our engineering services are also available to customers on-site to ensure the knowledge is build up and remains within our customers. We “create – design – manufacture” and hence deliver best-in-class results on time and on budget.


  • Complete frequency range up to 300 GHz
  • CW and FMCW technologies
  • MIMO, fixed beam and beam steering/forming antenna designs
  • Power consumption optimization
  • Digital upstream building blocks
  • Software
  • Industrialization such as obtaining certifications, robust mechanical product designs and production


TES Electronic Solutions GmbH

Uwe Engeser

Nikolaus-Otto-Str. 25
70771 Leinfelden-Echterdingen

+49 (0) 711 21 47 40
Fax: +49 (0) 711 21 47 41 11

Trilitec GmbH


Sense to Save Time, Waste and Lives

TRILITEC is a North German high-tech company providing measurement solutions based on optical- and Radar sensor systems. Our focus is to improve industrial quality control, production line monitoring and smart farming in agriculture to enhance productivity. Our experiences range from developing complete inspection solutions as well as providing hardware and software building blocks and components. From electronic schematics, embedded software to slick custom enclosures, we can cover all steps in the design and development of a product. We offer innovative sensor solutions operating highly accurate and reliable at fast measurement rates that can be easily integrated with other systems or devices.


Challenge us with your unique problems and we will respond with solutions that fit your needs. Our team of engineers is looking forward to it! We are offering customized Radar sensor solutions with frequencies ranging up to 300 GHz with an accuracy in the micrometer range.

Our services at TRILITEC include:

  • Electronic circuit design and development
  • Software solutions such as embedded signal processing and algorithm development
  • RF designs including antenna and lens solutions


  • Geometry Measurement:
    thickness, diameter, volume, and contactless density measurement
  • 3D-Imaging:
    non-invasive defect detection such as air bubbles and delamination
  • Collision Avoidance:
    obstacle detection, localization, and classification as well as drone navigation


Trilitec GmbH

Benjamin Littau

Jacob-Frerichs-Straße 2
27711 Osterholz-Scharmbeck

+49 (0) 4791 899 14 45

Wellenzahl Radar- und Sensortechnik GmbH und Co. KG

Wellenzahl Radar- und Sensortechnik GmbH & Co. KG

Experts for Radar Applications

Besides having our own ready to use sensors, such as monostatic 24 GHz CW transceivers, 122 GHz IoT sensors for filling level applications and sensor solutions for high accuracy measurements we are also developing customized modules for the integration in customer provided backends. We will support you through the product cycle assisting you in all RF and signal processing related topics with respect to your application specific requirements.


With Wellenzahl you will choose your experts for radar applications. We will support our customers from the feasibility study until the final product. We offer custom designs or a standard interchangeable platform with different 24 or 122 GHz radar modules.

The unified interface will allow you to keep your system state of the art or adapt it for different environments, applications or countries. With a toolkit of advanced algorithms, the radar system can measure even within difficult static and dynamic background situations.


  • Radar system architecture
  • Baseband circuit
  • Power consumption
  • Radiation characteristics
  • Antenna and package design (on- and off-chip)
  • Signal processing
  • Dynamic and static background elimination of unwanted targets