24 GHz, 60 GHz and 120 GHz High-Frequency ICs

Here you will find high-frequency ICs for various applications. They are receivers, transceivers and LNAs (Low Noise Amplifiers) designed mainly for use in ISM bands 24 GHz, 60 GHz and 120 GHz and in some cases offer particularly high bandwidths.

Our Radar Front Ends are characterized by their miniaturization. The entire front ends are housed in an IC sized down to 3 by 3 milimeters. With some ICs, the antennas are integrated in the package or even on the silicon chip.

Please also note our “Products Under Development”. In this section you will find ICs that are already available as prototypes or in sample quantities and can be mass produced in the foreseeable future. If you have questions about these new developments please contact us.

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24 GHz PRODUCTS – Radar Front Ends in the ISM Band, LNAs and Receivers


Standard Components – Mainly for Radar and Communication Applications

In the 24 GHz range, our product spectrum ranges from the high-performance Low Noise Amplifier to pure receivers to transceivers with different properties. Based on the SiGe technology we use and the standardized QFN packs used on many of our products, we can offer them at competitive prices. Get detailed Information below.

24 GHz Radar Chips

60 GHz RADAR PRODUCTS – MIMO System featuring 4TX and 4RX Channels in 60 GHz


Standard Components – Coming Soon

The 60 GHz range opens up new posibilities in ISM Bands. One of our up coming developments in this field can be see below

120 GHz RADAR CHIPS – Radar Front Ends for High Precision Measurements


Exeptional Specifications and Size

Innovative products you will only find with us!

These radar MMICs, featuring an antenna on the silicon chip or in the package of the MMIC, give you a unique single chip radar. In addition, these radars guarantee easy handling, since no high frequencies occur outside the chip. Find out more about our miniaturized and high-performance radar front ends in the 120 GHz band.

120 GHz Radar Chips