The RF Low Noise Amplifier LNA_024_005

The LNA_024_005 is a particularly low-noise amplifier IC developed for high-frequency applications in the K-band. It is an improved version of our LNA_024_004 in terms of functional reliability. Design specifications and footprint of the two ICs are identical.

The low noise figure of down to 3.2 dB of the LNA_024_005 can be achieved by an optimized circuit design in combination with SiGe technology. Its high bandwidth of nearly 7.2 GHz makes it particularly suitable for use in wideband radar applications as well as for signal amplification in k-band wireless RF communication systems.

The low-noise amplifier chip features a gain control function that allows selection between low- and high-gain modes, both of which provide linear amplification. The ability to quickly switch between on and off states also allows for a pulsed mode of operation, e.g., to save power through low duty cycles. A power enable pin allows switching between operating and power-down modes to minimize noise exposure if no signal is present.

Product Details

Low Noise Amplifier (LNA)
Article NumberLNA_024_005
Frequency24 GHz; K-Band
Frequency Range

min / max

21.5 GHz / 28.7 GHz
Noise3.2 dB
Gain8 dB / 15 dB
Single Supply Voltage3.3 V
Current Consumption5.6 mA
PackageQFN16: 3 x 3 mm²
Evaluation Boards / KitsEvalKit Basic, on request

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