24 GHz RADAR TRANSCEIVERS – TRX_024_006 and TRX _024_007

The Radar Transceiver TRX_024_006 / TRX 024_007

The IC modules TRX_024_006 and TRX 024_007 are compact analogue radar front ends for the ISM band between 24.00 and 24.25 GHz. To fit a broad range of applications they can be operated in CW and FMCW mode. Their main application is in short range devices (SRD) with distances of up to 20 meters. This operation distance can be increased up to 200 meters for a set-up with beam lens. Another domain of deployment is for (tank) level probing radar (T)LPR.

Both RF transceivers IC´s, TRX_024_006 and TRX 024_007 feature two levels of amplification and gain which can be selected via control pins for the transmitter as well as the receiver branch, respectively. A separate output provides a frequency reference of the internal VCO at a ratio of 1:32 (TRX_024_006) or 1:8 (TRX_024_007) of the fundamental frequency. This allows e.g. to optimize the set-up for a deployment of cost efficient PCB materials.

The transmission of these radar MMICs can be switched off using an enabling pin in the tx branch. Minimum power consumption is achieved in operation modes with low duty cycles and short ramp up times of down to 100 μs.

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If you look for a replacement of TRX_024_006, please look at TRX_024_046.
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Product Details

24 GHz Products
Article NumberTRX_024_006TRX_024_007
Frequency24 GHz24 GHz
Frequency Range

min / max

23.2 GHz / 26.3 GHz23.2 GHz / 26.3 GHz
Operation ModeFMCW / CWFMCW / CW
Single Supply Voltage3.3 V3.3 V
Current Consumption89 mA89 mA
PackageQFN 20: 3 x 3 mm²QFN 20: 3 x 3 mm²
Evaluation Boards / KitsEvalKit EasyEvalKit Easy