Meet our founder at the European Microwave Week

Silicon Radar’s founder, Dr. Wolfgang Winkler will be at European Microwave Week (EuMW 2022) from 28th till 30th of September in Milan, Italy hosting the workshop “Radar for Medical and Biological Applications and Bioinspired Radar” on Friday 30th.

While radar is already established in automotive, aerospace and defense industries, new usages in biological and medical applications promise to bring new solutions. Dr. Winkler together with Prof. Pohl from Bochum University, have organized the Workshop WF6 “Radar for Medical and Biological Applications and Bioinspired Radar” on Friday 30th. Drop by and listen to this interesting workshop addressing various medical applications like in the field of vital sign detection and other emerging topics like blood pressure determination, gait analysis and tissue imaging.

In particular, the topic of vital sign detection will be presented in several ways to further analyze the data for driver monitoring, cardiovascular diagnostics and to analyze spoofing techniques. Two of our solution partners will also be there. Mr. Francisco Salmeron from A4Rad is presenting a paper called “Driver Monitoring System with mmW sensors” and Mr. Benjamin Littau from TRILITEC GmbH will be talking about “Radar Sensor Monitoring in Food and Agricultural Processing”, new applications for biological material sensing, tissue imaging and monitoring for food and agricultural processing. Finally, one talk will address the opposite way to enhanced radar operation by using bioinspired methods.

If you want to talk about high frequency circuits or your next ASIC Design or seek advice for a solution around radar projects that you have jammed for some time or simply have a chat, Dr. Winkler will be happy to meet you in Milan. Please book an appointment ahead () and meet him on Thursday 29th September at the exhibition.