What is Radar

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Radars are systems that detect targets or objects and their ranges or velocities, but can also track targets, identify or classify targets, or image targets. The applications are numerous and include industrial, civil and military systems. Radars are also mounted on robots, vehicles and airplanes. The name Radar itself is an old acronym for RAdio Detecting And Ranging.


A Radar transmits electromagnetic waves and receives electromagnetic waves that have been reflected on objects in a region of interest. Most surfaces reflect incoming waves at least partly back towards the source. The reflected waves contain information about the object. This can information include its range, velocity, angular direction, size, and shape. Most Radar systems contain at least a transmitter and receiver, an antenna, and a processor. Today, those parts can all be integrated in a very small silicon chip, which enables Radar systems that also fit a lot new and future use cases.