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The IC is an integrated transceiver circuit for the 60 GHz ISM-band operating in the frequency range of 58.3 GHz – 63.9 GHz. It has one transmit and two receive channel. It includes a low-noise-amplifier (LNA) with gain control, quadrature mixers, poly-phase filter, a power amplifier (PA) with gain control, Voltage Controlled Oscillator with digital band switching and divide-by-32 circuit. The output power of the transmitter can be controlled by “TXgain” input. The IC is fabricated in SiGe BiCMOS technology [1].


The main use of the transceiver IC is in radar systems for the ISM-band from 57 GHz to 64 GHz. FMCW is the preferred radar principle to be used. It can be used in radar systems with angular resolution (monopulse principle).