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Silicon Package is one the technologies that; Silicon Radar has been working on for antennas in package solutions. Antennas are manufactured on the RF MMIC. Therefore, there is no requirement for wire bonding of the antennas. To get the maximum signal out of the Silicon chip and antennas a silicon / high permittivity plastic lenses are designed to be placed on top of the package. To overcome the RF losses in the molding material as in a standard QFN package, lead frame is manufactured using a silicon plate. MMIC and its antenna are directly placed on the silicon plate in the package.



  • Reliable
  • Under development to be suitable for series production and series testing (Suitable for QFN footprint)
  • No need for bond wires or Film Assisted Molding (FAM)


  • The layout of first samples (5x5 Si-Package) is not compatible to standard QFN. Therefore not suitable for series testing
  • Not very advantages for lower RF frequencies