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1 Single-Channel Radar Transceiver

  • Radar Functions: Range Finder; Presence Detection; Velocity; Basic Target Tracking
  • Small IC dimensions; analogue front-end; concept of external PLL; ADC or µ-processor
  • Wide selection of frequency bands
  • At frequencies beyond 100GHz with OnChip-antennas
  • Comparable simple sensor architecture

2 Multi-Channel-Transceiver for MIMO Radars

  • Multiple transmit and receive channels integrated on one chip; comparable complex IC architecture;
  • Radar Functions: Range Finder; Angular Information; Antenna Diversity; 2D/3D Visioning; Velocity; Advanced Target Tracking
  • Significant IC dimensions, analogue front-end; concept of external PLL; ADC or µ-processor
  • Only OffChip antennas because of chip dimension

3 Special Featured Chips – Ultra Wideband Radars

  • Radar Functions: thickness measurement; spectroscopy, excellent resolution with micrometer precision; life-signs detection; pressure sensors
  • Small IC dimensions / Comparable simple sensor architecture
  • OnChip antennas because of wideband characteristic

4 Selection Table

Application Radar Principle Automotive Medical Consumer Market Industrial Robotic

Life Sign Detection

Six-Port (in combination with MIMO)

Driver monitoring systems
Child presence sensors

Patient monitoring
Ambient assisted living

Baby monitoring

Dead-Man's Control
Smart farming, wildlife and cattle monitoring

Surgery robots

Gesture Recognition / HMI / Imaging


Passenger monitoring
Public/on-demand mobility
Interactive service

Touchless Control Communication

Touchless Control Gaming
Child care

Remote operation
Augmented reality for technical support

Operator Interaction
Adaptive environment

Obstacle Detection, Sense & Avoid


Collision avoidance
Pedestrian detection
Airbag & neck-rest control

Patient monitoring; Autonomous transportation
Semi-automated Operation

Smart Home
Home security
Child care

Automated Operation
Goods tracking
Security Check-In

Interlock operation
Collision avoidance

Non-Destructive Material Characterization

Wideband FMCW, Ultra-short pulse

Wear-Out monitoring
Tyre control (station, in-situ)
Road condition/quality check

Gas & liquid analysis
DNA analysis
Tissue analysis / imaging

On Site diagnostics for craftsmen

Process control
Food quality control
Goods issuing

Material & quality control
Optimization of operation

Range Finding / Distance Measurement

Single Channel (FMCW)

Parking assist aftermarket

Smart light control
Equipment positioning

Smart home
Non-motorized mobility

Goods Positioning
Level measurement
Supply & storage system

Motion control
Pick & Place
Automated assembly