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Table 1: Available SR-Evaluation Kits
EvalKit Basic Simple Easy MIMO
Integration of MMIC on PCB Stand-Alone Evaluation Board All-in-One Evaluation Board Plug-On Evaluation Board Plug-On MIMO Evaluation Board
PCB-Stack: one layer – EvalBoard only one layer – EvalBoard only
  • Radar Front End[*1]
  • Baseband Board
  • Processing Board
  • Radar Front End[*1]
  • Baseband Board
  • FPGA Carrier Board
  • MPSoC Module
Target Application Lab Test of MMIC parameters such as

Gain, Linearity, …

Compact Test Set-up for Investigation of the use case Flexible and modular test set-up for

Investigation of use cases

Flexible and modular

Test set-up for Investigation of use cases

Available for

following MMICs

All 24 GHz MMICs[*2] TRX_120_001 fixed Single Channel Multi-Channel [ 2x4 ]


EvalBoard TRX 024 006 007.PNG
Easy with lens.jpg
Mimo website 24 ghz.PNG

[*1] exchangeable, each MMICs requires a different Rad Front End # [*2] lead times may apply, please inquire for details