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1 General Information

Radar sensors can be designed with or without using a PLL (Phased Locked Loop). We developed some Radar evaluation kits that you can buy from us and also get as reference designs for your PLL based sensor design. The schematics of these designs are available to you in PDF form after closing an NDA with us. The designs include front end control, baseband, analog to digital conversion, digital signal processing option and data interfaces (control lines, UART, WiFi). There are no HF parts in the designs even though our front ends work with very high frequencies.

2 PLL based Design

A typical PLL based Radar sensor design consist of a front end chip, a PLL and loop filter, an amplifier and signal filter, an ADC, and optionally a digital signal processing unit and some data interfaces. While FPGAs and DSPs have been used widely for a long time for Radar processing, also micro-controllers and custom signal processors are used for that purpose today. Our designs include micro-controllers because they are cheap and quite flexible.

2.1 SiRad Easy

SiRad Easy for 24 GHz, 60 GHz, 120 GHz & 300 GHz. We provide SiRad Easy schematics with an NDA, please contatc to our sales team.

2.2 SiRad Simple

SiRad Simple has fixed front end for 120 GHz. We provide SiRad Simple schematics with an NDA, please contatc to our sales team.

3 Design without PLL

Design without PLL

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