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1 Radar Software Building Blocks

Signal processing of Silicon Radar EvalKits and customized projects is done in the microcontroller of the radar module and only ST microcontroller is used for this purpose, we will choose the most suitable ST microcontroller for your customized projects specific needs.

Here you can find information about EvalKit Software Evalkits

Software overview.PNG

2 EvalKit Software

With the EvalKits and some of custumized sensor, we provide WebGUI which is a browser based GUI (for Microsoft Windows®) and can be seen below picture. Via WebgUI, you can have the chance to visualize the radar data, change radar parameters such as base frequency, bandwidth, number of ramps, sampling frequency, FFT size and etc on a real time running system. Therefore WebGUI provides you to configure Evalkit for your intended application. Radar setting can be saved and re-used, up to 16 targets can be detected and displayed in the WebGUI. For more information , please visit Evalkits#WebGUI

Graphical user interface.png

The Silicon Radar WebGUI consists of four main panels

  • control panel on the left side,
  • main menu on the top of the screen with the active view in orange,
  • scene/canvas itself where the sensor data is displayed,
  • target list with the status fields on the right side of the screen (draggable).

Processing Parameters

  • Sampling freuqency
  • Number of samples
  • Number of ramps
  • Downsampling
  • FFT size
  • Moving Averaging Filter

You can develop your own software using Evalkits different from the WebGUI, please see the How to start with your own software section below.

3 MIMO Software

With the SiRad MIMO,a GUI which provides multiple way to illustrate data is provided and it can be seen below.


4 How to start with your own software

If you want to develop your own software with using EvalKits and Silicon Radar Front ends you can find some suggestion below;

4.1 Standard EvalKits

We offer C Library for FMCW and CW applications and Matlab-Octave sctript can be a start point for application. You can download the library and connector here Customer Download Area. Raw data acquisition from the evalkits are possible please see Evalkits #Sample Configurations , or you can directly sample from the IF channels also. Please contact sales team for schematics of the EvalKits.

4.2 Silicon Radar Front ends

If you build your own sensor from Silicon Radar Frontends with using a PLL, the sensor can be configured as CW / FMCW / FSK and the signal can be digitialized using ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) with intended sampling frequency.

The radar front ends are able to use a larger bandwidth than what is allowed in the ISM bands. In most countries, the bandwidth is limited to 1 GHz between 122 GHz and 123 GHz for production purposes by law. Please check your local regulations. It remains the customer’s responsibility to assure the operation of the front end according to local regulations, especially applying to frequency band allocations outside of the laboratory environment. Silicon Radar and its distributors will not accept any responsibility for consequences resulting from the disregard of these instructions and warnings. Please also refer to Section 7 of this document.