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If you plan your own sensor application several parameters need to be considered in a Pros and Cons overview. Just to highlight a few radar specific topics, there are the following:

  • the choice of the radar principle cw, fmcw or pulsed radar
    • cw is essential useful for detecting movements
    • fmcw also enables the distance measurement for a constant positioning
    • pulsed radar may offer advantages w.r.t. to available power (and reach or dynamic range) of single pulse signals
  • the choice of the channel count starting from single channel up to massiv MIMO configurations
    • single channel transceiver allow an easy, cost efficient sensor solution for distance and speed measurements
    • multi channel transceiver are required for resolving angular information and higher object resolution
  • the choice of the frequency range
    • will affect the antenna size
    • the attenuation of the radar beam transmitted
    • the available frequency band

The correct choice of these parameters depends on the specific use case and generalized answer therefore not available. However, our Sales and Support team is please to support you with the right choice for your application.