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For evaluation purposed Silicon Radar offers Evaluation Boards (or just Eval Boards) suitable for the detailed characterization of our RF MMIC. Such investigations shall support the design-in for Sensor integration and usually is performed within the lab environment applying RF measurement instruments such als spectrum analyzers and vector analyzers. Please note that these Evaluation Boards are stand alone boards which cannot be used in conjunction with our evaluation kits. For the latter different plug-on radar front end boards are needed.

The overview of available stand alone - Evaluation Boards is shown in the following Table 1. Please note that Evaluation Boards are manufactored on request. Therefore lead times will apply.

Table 1: Stand-Alone Evaluation Boards
Board name / for chip Frequency Order Nr. Variants Picture
RX_024_004 24 GHz 000009
EvalBoard RX 024 004.PNG
RX2_024_006 24 GHz 000024
TRX_024_006 24 GHz 000007
EvalBoard TRX 024 006 007.PNG
TRX_024_007 24 GHz 000008
EvalBoard TRX 024 006 007.PNG
T2R4_024_010 24 GHz 000280 different RF connectors [*]
EvalBoard T2R4 024 010.PNG
LNA_024_004 24 GHz 000010

[*] depending on the required signal power there is a choice between RF connectors with standard frequency bandwidth and with high frequency bandwidth.

In case there are further details needed or other evaluation solutions required please contact our Sales and Support Team for further assistance.