Chip Embedding

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Chip embedding with µ² technique is an advanced PCB-based technology. Rather than a standard printed circuit boards (PCB) technology with 50-100 um line and space, this technology allows down to 20 um line and space with very good tolerance. Accordingly, fine-tuned antenna structures can be designed. In addition to that, MMIC is buried into the PCB. Pads are connected to lines using copper pillars or gold stud bumps.


  • Good RF performance
  • No need for bond wires or Film Assisted Molding (FAM)
  • Low cost and fast processing if the series production is started
  • Suitable for multi-chip modules with high-accuracy antennas on board
  • Suitable for QFN footprint


  • Very expensive and long lead times for prototyping
  • Harder to solder on a PCB compared to lead-frame based packages