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The business model of Silicon Radar is based on development and supply of customer specific and standard high frequency integrated circuits for radar solutions, sensor applications and wireless communication. As a so called "fabless company" we provide millimetre wave IC's (MMIC's). Development, testing, assembly and sales - all from one source - Silicon Radar.

The founders and designers of Silicon Radar have an excellent knowledge of designing analogue high frequency IC's, acquired within long time research work at IHP Innovations for High Performance Microelectronics - scientific institute and member of the Leibniz Association.

Silicon Radar uses its experience to serve you in successful product development. The initial point of this process is a professional and comprehensive consultancy phase at the beginning of product development itself. We start with a concerted evaluation of your requirements on your new product and do a "translation" into precise technical specifications. We find the technology which fits exactly your expectations regarding costs, time and other basic conditions. We open up potential savings particularly with replacement designs of existing discrete circuits. A couple of advantages are of crucial importance:

Lets discuss your individual MMIC!

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