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24 GHz, 60 GHz and 120 GHz High-Frequency ICs

Here you will find high-frequency ICs for various areas. They are receivers, transceivers and LNAs (Low Noise Amplifiers) designed mainly for use in ISM bands 24 GHz, 60 GHz and 120 GHz and in some cases offer particularly high bandwidths.

Our Radar Front Ends are characterized by their miniaturization. The entire front ends are housed in an IC sized down to 3 by 3 milimeters. In some ICs, even the antennas are housed on the package or even on the silicon chip.

Please also note our “Upcoming Products”. In this section you will find ICs that are already available as prototypes or in sample quantities and can be mass produced in the foreseeable future. If you have questions here please contact us.

Products Silicon Radar
X-Band Components8 – 12 GHzreceiver, synthesizer, VCO, LNA, or divider for discrete flexible circuitsavailableQFN
Single-Channel TRX 24 GHzexternalwith BIST functionalityavailableQFN20; 3 x 3 mm²
Single-Channel TRX 24 GHzexternalwith BIST functionality suited for software-PLLavailableQFN20; 3 x 3 mm²
Quattro Channel Transceiver (2TX / 4RX)24 GHzexternalfor systems with angular informationavailableQFN32; 5 x 5 mm²
Ka-Band Receiver36 GHzexternallow-noise down converter with 4 RF-inputs availablebare die*
Monostatic Transceiver60 GHzexternaloptimized for use of lensavailablebare die*
Monostatic Transceiver60 GHzintegratedoptimized for use of silicon lensavailablebare die*
Dual Channel Transceiver (1TX / 2RX)60 GHzexternalfor systems with angular informationavailablebare die*
Quattro Channel Transceiver (4TX / 4RX)60 GHzexternalfor systems with angular informationNOV. 2018bare die; eWLB under development
Wideband Transceiver120 GHzintegrated16 GHz bandwidthavailableQFN
Wideband Transceiver120 GHzintegrated20 GHz bandwidth, mono- and bistatic; optimized for use of silicon lensavailableQFN, custom QFN with lens, bare die*
Dual Channel Transceiver (1TX / 2RX)120 GHzexternalfor systems with angular informationavailablebare die*
Phased Array (4TX / 4RX)120 GHzexternal / integratedtwo phased array chips with external or internal antennas availablebare die
Receiver for mmW Sensor140 GHzexternalhighly sensitive passive RX chipavailablebare die
MIMO Radar245 GHzintegratedTX and RX chip with integrated antennaavailablebare die

* customized package solutions under development