Products Under Development


24 GHz to 300 GHz High-Frequency ICs

Here you will find high-frequency ICs for various areas. The ICs shown are in a late state of development and not in series production yet.

Samples of these MMICs are available – some as bare dies and some readily packaged. If you are interested in these products, in more detailed specifications or a planned production, please contact us!

Frequently you will find new products on this page, so keep watching out for updates!

Products Silicon Radar
ProductFrequencyArticle NumberAntennaDescriptionSamples
Dual Channel Transceiver (1TX / 2RX)60 GHzTR2_060_065externalfor systems with angular informationon request
Quattro Channel Transceiver (4TX / 4RX)60 GHzT4R4_060_066externalfor systems with 3D informationon request
Wideband Transceiver300 GHzTRA_300_042integrated> 35 GHz band width, optimized for use with lens on request

* customized package solutions under development

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