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Research Project ELIRAD - Everyday Life Radar Sensors for Transportation

Miniaturized radar front end with excellent performance - an all-rounder for a broad spectrum of applications


In front of the background of Internet of things countless autonomous transportation systems need to have precise information about surrounding obstacles and the velocity and direction of movement of it. The problem: A huge number of emerging applications and markets will not see its take-off until a tremendously improved sensor technology is implemented.

Among these applications are:

All of such applications have special requirements in common:

In the course of SUCCESS (FP7 ICT project number 248120) Silicon Radar successfully developed an ultra-compact 120 GHz radar front end. Together with its consortial partners, Silicon Radar showed the feasibility of a silicon-based low cost radar front end with integrated antennas in an 8x8 mm package. The publications of the miniaturized front end were met by a huge wave of interest and demand from several transportation applications showing the enormous market opportunity.

Now, it is E L I R A D's objective to reach the product status of the radar sensor and its commercialisation.

Silicon Radar's Contribution

Silicon Radar is going to further develop the radar IC and to establish a testing process suited for low cost serial production. Furthermore, Silicon Radar is going to commercialize the results of E L I R A D.

Silicon Radars Sensor will be the world-wide first on the market realizing following features:

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