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122GHz FMCW-Radar-Frontend with integrated antennas to cover UAVs sensor requirements

There has been tremendous emphasis in unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), especially in rotary wing (vertical take off and landing, helicopters) types over the past five years. Within the next few years UAVs will become standard equipment for a wide variety of Civil Engineering, Precision Agricultural, Livestock, Land Management or Industrial applications.

There are plenty of promising civilian commercial UAV applications:

All kinds of UAVs rely on advanced electronic systems to gather information about surrounding objects and obstacles. Such sensor systems have very special requirements:

The 122GHz-FMCW-Radar-Frontend covers all the special requirements of UAVsand affords low cost navigation systems design. The frontend contains a 122GHz SiGe transceiver chip, transmit and receive antenna (LCP substrate) - bonded in a standard premold open cavity QFN package covered by a special lid. The IC is an integrated transceiver circuit for the 122 GHz ISM-band with antennas. It includes a low-noise-amplifier (LNA), quadrature mixers, poly-phase filter, Voltage Controlled Oscillator with digital band switching, divide by 32 circuit and power detector.
The power level can be measured by two power detectors placed between the power amplifier and TX-output. The RF-signal from oscillator is directed to RX-path via buffer circuits. The RX-signal is amplified by LNA and converted to baseband in two mixers with qadrature LO. The 120GHz oscillator has three coarse tuning inputs and one analog fine tuning input. The analog fine tuning input can be used for CW radar operation with fixed frequency in PLL-mode by using the internal frequency divider (1/32) or for FMCW-radar.

The IC is fabricated in IHP SG13S SiGe BiCMOS technology.
Read more about the 122GHz frontend chip.

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