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Recent studies have shown that terahertz technology can provide revolutionary sensing techniques for organic and non-organic materials with unprecedented accuracy and sensitivity.

A lot of electrically nonconductive materials like paper, plastics and ceramics are transparent for Terahertz radiation (frequency range between 100GHz and 10THz). Other materials have their specific absorption coefficient (signature of spectral resonance) and are thus identifiable by special data processing systems.

Especially for DNA-analysis THz-radiation will play an extremely important role in near future due to its suitability to replace current analysis methods using fluorescent markers. Development of a low-cost THz source - like Silicon Radars SiGe BiCMOS 120GHz frontend - is the crucial prerequisite of marker-free DNA-sensors.

Silicon Radar is supporting scientific teams worldwide by providing them with THz-circuitry and design services for highest frequencies aiming the development of advanced chip based DNA sensors.

The extreme sensitivity of THz radiaton to water can be used for a high resolution imaging system for oncology research and detection (early detection of breast cancer), because cancerous tissue tends to have higher water content than healthy tissue. Advanced antenna design and the development of low-cost THz sources will enable systems circumventing the disadvantages of current X-ray screenings leading to more precise and earlier diagnostics.

Applications in area of Bio-Sensing:

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